What is a homeowners association?

What is a homeowner association?

A homeowners association (HOA) is an organization formed by the residents or property owners within a particular community or neighborhood. The purpose of an HOA is to establish and enforce rules, regulations, and standards to maintain the quality, appearance, and overall value of the properties within the community. Homeowners who reside within the jurisdiction of the HOA typically become members and are required to pay fees or dues to support the association’s operations and initiatives.

HOAs often have a governing board that is elected by the homeowners, and this board is responsible for making decisions, enforcing rules, and managing the association’s finances. The rules and regulations set by the HOA may cover various aspects such as architectural guidelines, landscaping standards, maintenance requirements, pet restrictions, and more. Additionally, the HOA may provide amenities and services such as common area maintenance, security, and community events. The goal of a homeowners association is to create a harmonious living environment and protect property values within the community.

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