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General Questions

What is The Savvy HOA?

We empower HOAs with our turnkey self-service platform for premier banking solutions, tools, accounting, training, and consulting, enhancing community management.

What Systems Does The Savvy HOA Integrate With?

We can integrate with eUnify Quickbooks and property management integrations such as Compliance View 360 and CondoCerts. 

How is The Savvy HOA Different Than Traditional Back Office Solutions?

We are a solution that is partly a software solution and managed services. We aim to make HOA management convenient with less work for you as the orchestrator. 

How Can I Become a The Savvy HOA customer?

To sign up for The Savvy HOA, click Get Started, choose the plan that suits your community needs, and sign up. We will walk you through our onboarding process, and within the first month, we’ll set up an operating account, get you and your residents access to our platform, and send you how to log in, make payments, and manage your community. 

How Does Reporting Work?

The Savvy HOA provides transparent financial oversight and reporting, empowering board members to track income and expenses, reserve funds, make informed decisions, and ensure accountability within the community.

Is Onboarding Included in the Price?

Yes, onboarding is included in the price, and typical onboarding is complete within the first month of signing up.

Industry Questions:

What is a self-managed HOA?

The fundamental trait of a self-managed HOA is the absence of a hired HOA manager or a management company to manage its functioning. A self-managed HOA purely relies on voluntary services from its residents and members. 

What are some pitfalls of a self-managed HOA?

Some pitfalls of a self-managed HOA include, but are not limited to, disputes within the community, risk of legal noncompliance, and mismanaged and overworked members. 

What are some of the advantages of a self-managed HOA?

Some advantages of a self-managed HOA include complete control of your community, it is a budget-friendly solution, and it can work well for smaller communities. 

What are some elements of working as a proper HOA board?
  • Setting budgets
  • Creating communication policies
  • Creating communication policies
  • Enforcing and complying with government documents
  • Keeping minutes 
  • Keeping all financial records, etc.
What governing documents should be readily available for board members and the community?
  • Declaration of Covenants
  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions,  and Restrictions
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Bylaws (like different policies created by the board itself)
Why is it essential to hire professionals, especially where it's necessary?

There can be things like annual reviews, audits, etc., compulsory in your state. Your HOA may be facing lawsuits or specific disputes that keep cropping up, and you need to deal with them; it’s better to have the proper professional to remove the burden and confirm that the work gets done correctly.

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