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The Savvy HOA excels in delivering precise and punctual monthly financials, processing vendor payments, offering homeowners a portal with versatile payment choices, and relieving self-managed HOAs from the nitty-gritty of everyday tasks.

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How The Savvy HOA Works

Join hundreds of HOAs using Savvy to streamline their processes. 

Onboarding and Training​

Our onboarding dashboard will take you step-by-step during the setup process. After this you’ll have access to a library of videos showing you how to use our system. 

Connect Your Accounts​

First you’ll need to get set up and connect your accounts. Once everything is securely connected we will introduce you to your bookkeeper.

Schedule Your Reports​

Get your reports sent out automatically with our system. 

We Do Your Bookkeeping

We take care of your books. It is that simple! Our platform is designed to take the guesswork out of bookkeeping and free up your time. And make sure you are compliant. 

Look at Your Finances at Any Time

Our app gives you access to your community’s finances anytime, even before your books are closed.

Homeowner Communication

Whether you need to send out mass emails or a single violation to a specific homeowner, Savvy has you covered

Experts in your corner. Resources you need.

We make the onboarding process simple and easy through our automated onboarding tool. Simply provide the required items to get started and get a comprehensive dashboard for you to manage your community. 

The Savvy HOA is your copilot while in the driver's seat.

Here are some of the ways The Savvy HOA addressed concerns from fellow board members.

Why we hired a professional company to handle our finances?

An HOA may hire a professional company, like The Savvy HOA, to prepare their financial statements for several reasons. Specialized companies ensure accuracy, compliance, and precision in financial reporting. Outsourcing this task allows the HOA board to focus on core responsibilities, while experts handle complex financial reporting.

Professional firms efficiently handle data gathering, reconciliation, and analysis, freeing up HOA resources. Outsourcing offers an unbiased perspective, reducing internal biases or conflicts of interest. Ultimately, engaging a specialized company provides accurate, compliant, and professionally prepared financial statements, instilling confidence in homeowners and stakeholders.

I have a CPA why do I need The Savvy HOA?

At The Savvy HOA, an experienced accounting analyst will work with your Board of Directors to assist in the financial reporting of the association. Their responsibilities include providing financial data analysis, budgeting, expense tracking, accounts payable and receivable management, and generating financial reports. The accounting analysts contribute to the day-to-day financial activities and reporting within the HOA, playing a supporting role in the financial operations of the HOA.

We believe that all HOAs should contract with a CPA to provide an independent audit of the association’s financial records, in accordance with the association governing documents, state or other regulatory requirements.

How The Savvy HOA Helped My HOA

The Savvy HOA is a virtual service that offers an easy-to-use and transparent system for HOA board of directors and homeowners to access community information, streamlining operations and increasing engagement.

The Savvy HOA portal allows convenient access to important documents, such as HOA records, financial statements, and meeting minutes. Additionally, virtual management streamlines administrative tasks like record-keeping, accounting, and financial management, saving time and reducing errors. With automation and digital tools, processes like dues collection and payment tracking are simplified. Overall, virtual services provide convenience, transparency, and efficiency, helping HOA boards effectively manage communities and meet homeowners’ needs.